University of Prince Edward Island students are learning there are options for healthy eating that are not as expensive as they thought.


UPEI students learned to make sushi as a healthy, affordable meal option. (Laura Meader/CBC)

One of those options is sushi.

Elyse Cottrell, a student staff member with the Student Affairs department, helped organize a night so students could learn how to make it.

"A lot of the times students stick to noodles, Kraft Dinner, white pasta cause it's what they know how to make, It's easy, it's cheap," said Cottrell.

"It's just getting the knowledge that there are other things that are equally affordable to make."

Students were given bamboo mats to help with rolling, as well as seaweed, rice, and other ingredients to put inside. There was no raw fish for food safety reasons. 

Students were asked to provide some of the filling which even included hot dogs.


UPEI student Rosana Queiroz shows off her finished plate of sushi. (Laura Meader/CBC)

Alex Heighington, who likes sushi, was one of the students who took part.

"[It's] a lot easier than I thought, a lot easier than I thought," said Heighington.

"I don't know, it's just so artistic so you think that you have to be artistic to eat it and make it."

The provincial government provides funding to UPEI for a number of projects linked to student health.

Organizers are hoping they can find other international recipes for students so they can offer more sessions on other options for healthy eating.