The Cadre is going online to better reach its audience, says business manager Daniel MacDonald. (CBC)

The Cadre, UPEI's student newspaper, has printed its last paper edition.

The paper is now only available online. The Cadre previously had an online presence, but has relaunched its web site as it closes down the paper edition.

Cadre business manager Daniel MacDonald said the move has not been forced on the paper by financial necessity, but is a strategic decision to better serve readers.

"We looked at our target market, which is obviously all the students and staff at UPEI, and the university is a very sort of modern kind of culture," said MacDonald.

"We thought that with smartphones becoming so prevalent and everyone having their own laptops that putting the paper online would sort of reach more students and more faculty easier."

MacDonald said the paper hopes to hire more staff next year, and reach a larger audience with daily updates.