UPEI Sex Week logo

UPEI student union is placing more emphasis on education and health for this year's sex week. (UPEI)

The University of Prince Edward Island student union is taking a different approach to the school's sex week this year.

It's putting more focus on health and education, offering workshops and information sessions.

There's also a special clinic for students to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. 

"Obviously, having fun is what really draws university students in, so that's very important to have," said Nathan Hood, vice-president of student life at UPEI.

"And education is also very important, because I think it's something — especially in regards to sex — that we often overlook. So if we as a student union can provide our membership with a way to learn about it when they usually don't receive that kind of education in university, it's very beneficial for them."

The event will also include "bringing in the bystander training" to teach people how to intervene when they witness sexual assault.

Sex week runs until Friday.