Anastasia Smallwood

UPEI Student Union president Anastasia Smallwood hopes The Wave can do better business this year. (CBC)

UPEI's campus pub, The Wave, is open again after a summer renovation kept it closed through the month of September.

The student union is hoping a new look and new hours will attract more business. UPEI Student Union president Anastasia Smallwood said attracting people to the bar has been a challenge.

"It's just that there's an oversaturation of options in Charlottetown. You can go downtown and within a block there's six, seven different options."

The slow start for The Wave this year could mean an even bigger challenge. It was closed for all of September. The pub lost its manager in August, which pushed the renovation schedule back.

Now with a new manager, new lunchtime hours and a new menu, the hope is that new customers will follow.

Greg Macdonald

Competing with downtown bars will be difficult, says business student Greg Macdonald. (CBC)

Greg Macdonald, who was walking by The Wave Monday, said attracting him and other students won't be easy.

"Whenever you're competing with like Peakes Quay, it's top DJs and it's lots of advertisement, and it's what really brings the crowd," said Macdonald.

Smallwood said the bar is important to the student union's bottom line. Currently the student union makes the most money with Mickey's Place, a coffee stand only a few doors down from The Wave. She's hoping with The Wave's recent improvements will see the bar come out on top.