Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino, Canada research chair in Island studies, and Dr. Ed MacDonald the executive editor of Island Studies Journal, display a special recognition certificate from the Web of Science. (UPEI)

The University of Prince Edward Island's Island Studies Journal beat out thousands of other journals to join the Web of Science, the world's leading international science index.

The web-based Island Studies Journal has published articles about Islands around the world twice annually for about seven years.

"So many more people are going to be reading it now. UPEI's name is going to be on the map. People will learn that there is an institute of Island studies here on this Island," said Irene Novacek, one of the journal's editors.

"We will get more requests for people wanting to be research associates, people wanting to come to UPEI as visiting scholars and lecturers. I can see that it really will bring the world to us in a much bigger way."

More than 2,000 journals are reviewed to be included in the Web of Science every year, and only 10 per cent of those make it in.