The UPEI student union will be giving out some new and unique awards to deserving students this spring.

The Diamond awards will focus on extracurricular activities, instead of academic performance, said Nathan Hood, the vice-president, student life, of the student union.

"We have a lot of students who, you know, may have a 70 average. They don't qualify for the dean's list, but they do do a lot of incredible things on campus and in the community," said Hood.

Hood wanted to find a way to recognize those students, "and that is really what the Diamond awards is about. I have never been on the dean's list, but I like to think that I have made some contributions to campus," said Hood.  

The awards program has four categories: sustainability leadership, educational leadership, health and wellness leadership, and campus spirit. Up to five awards are available in each category, and are valued at $500 each, according to a statement from the student union.