The University of Prince Edward Island has shut down its Tourism Research Centre.

The provincial government had relied on the centre, which opened in 2006, for much of its analysis of tourism industry data. In a news release Wednesday the province announced it was informed in the spring that the centre would close effective June 30.

The province purchased millions of dollars worth of research from the centre.

"It’s this research that provides a profile of the visitors who come here, why they come and what they do while they’re here," said Tourism Minister Rob Henderson in the news release.

"It helps business and government plan for the future and provides an analysis of the provincial investment in the tourism industry."

Tourism is worth about $380 million a year in the province, making up about seven per cent of GDP, the highest percentage of GDP from tourism in the country.

The province says it has reached a new agreement for research with the Tourism Industry Association of P.E.I. and P.E.I. 2014 for the current season that will provide a continuity of data.

That agreement ends March 2015. Discussions on a new plan for research after that are underway.