The University of Prince Edward Island has abandoned its controversial mandatory retirement policy.

The institution also confirmed Wednesday that it had discontinued all court proceedings related to the policy.

In 2005, three university employees were forced to retire at age 65: Richard Wills, a professor in sociology and anthropology; Yogi Fell, a staff member at the Atlantic Veterinary College; and psychology professor Thomy Nilsson.

That began a series of legal battles as the employees took their complaints to the P.E.I. Human Rights Commission.

In 2008, three retired professors — Robert O'Rourke, Ron Collins and Barry Bartmann — also joined the fight, bringing the total number of cases to six.

The P.E.I. Human Rights Commission eventually found the university's policies discriminatory, but the ensuing debate over compensation led to years of appeals.

The University of Prince Edward Island had suspended its mandatory retirement policy until the issues were settled in court.

On Wednesday, the institution said it had officially abandoned the policy and would work with complainants on any remaining issues of compensation.