Two Hours Traffic

Two Hours Traffic will have its last tour in December. The band is calling it quits after that.

A Prince Edward Island band that was shortlisted for a Polaris Prize and even played at the Vancouver Olympics is calling it quits because they can’t make a living making music, according to one member.

Lead singer and guitarist Liam Corcoran says the band will finish its life with a seven city Canadian tour in December.

"People don't realize just cause you're out there playing shows, even bands that look like they're fairly big, even bigger than us, talking to them I know a lot of them really struggle to make a living,” he said.

“And a lot of them end up doing little businesses on the side, or web design, whatever you can do to keep money coming in to allow you to still play music and do that as your main gig. But it's a struggle for everyone.”

The band is known for its pop sound and, according to its website, started in 2001.

The current members are Andrew MacDonald, Nathan Gill, Derek Ellis and Corcoran.