RCMP say two drivers helped get a woman suspected of impaired driving, off the road. (CBC)

RCMP say two Island drivers helped get a suspected impaired driver off the road Thursday afternoon in the Stanley Bridge area.

Police say they received a call shortly after 4 p.m. of a woman driving erratically, crossing over the centre line and then veering over to the shoulder.

There were two men driving behind her in separate vehicles.

According to police one of the men began to follow closely behind the female driver in an effort to get her to slow down, while the other man moved into the passing lane beside her. 

The woman then turned into a lane and hit a stop sign and the two men blocked her in with their vehicles. RCMP said the men grabbed her keys and waited for officers to arrive. 

A 46 year old woman was arrested and charged with impaired driving and refusing to give breath samples. She will appear in court on June 23.

RCMP said while in this case, the two men were successful in getting the woman off the road, it is always best to call police and wait for officers to arrive.