The island's French Language School Board continues to have trouble attracting candidates to be trustees.

Alan McIsaac - custom

Education Minister Alan McIsaac says while he's pleased with the quality of the candidates that did come forward, he was hoping there would be more. (CBC)

Nominations closed Friday, and there will be elections in only two school zones.

Four trustees will be acclaimed, and there will have to be a ministerial appointment in the Evangeline region. The area is supposed to have three trustees, but only two people came forward.

Education Minister Alan McIsaac said while he's pleased with the quality of candidates that did come forward, he was hoping there would be more.

"We were hoping for, yes, a better turn out, a better response," said McIsaac.

"It would have been really nice to have an election in all of the zones that's for sure."

The minister said the government did what it could to spark interest.

"We had information meetings. We had a meeting in Charlottetown, we had a meeting in Evangeline, to talk about possibly changing the zones," he said.

"We thought maybe would raise the numbers and the interest. But the French school board had decided that they wanted to leave the zones the way they are and were for the last times. So we did that. I don't know if we had changed it would have made a difference."  

The election will be held on May 26. McIsaac hopes the appointed trustee will be in place shortly after the election.