After working last summer at the Resort at Cavendish Corner, I am learning what it is like to be a seasonal worker on Prince Edward Island.

As I am sure everyone else on P.E.I. is doing I am applying to every full-time job that is posted.

Unfortunately, with the EI changes it doesn't benefit me to take on a part-time job. The little extra money I would make would go towards transportation costs.

They want you to take just any job available, but for someone like me, I am not qualified for a good portion of the available jobs. I try to stay positive and continue to submit resumes but I am quickly becoming discouraged. I am not even getting the chance to interview.

As weeks pass I worry. My EI benefits only last until the first of April. I have the possibility of returning to The Resort at Cavendish Corner around the end of May. But obviously there is roughly a two-month span in between that I will have no income.

Bills need to be paid. Like a lot of Islanders the idea of traveling out west for work is looking better and better.