Trius Transit owner Mike Cassidy says not all details of ridership were given to council. (CBC)

It turns out the transit numbers provided to town council in Cornwall aren't as bad as originally thought.

Trius Transit said the company didn't provide the town with the whole picture.

Earlier this week council was told ridership was down 10 per cent last year compared to the year before.

'Overall, I'd call it a flatline,' —Mike Cassidy, owner of Trius Transit

Mike Cassidy, who owns the bus service, said the numbers he gave the town didn't include people who hopped on the bus in Charlottetown, and then got a transfer to a different bus headed to Cornwall.

Cassidy said when those people are included, ridership is only down about two per cent.

Nevertheless, he does say passenger numbers are going in the wrong direction.

"Overall, I'd call it a flatline. The system is six years old. And it's like anything else, our job is to monitor, evaluate and we are excited that we are going to have a new look and new times," Cassidy said.

The year over year numbers are out for Stratford too, and ridership is down in that community by about six per cent.

However in Charlottetown, usage was up by three per cent.

The regional service is relaunching at the end of this month with new routes and better service.