A Newfoundland woman is visiting P.E.I. to ask for more support for people who are transsexual or transgender, and promote a new group she has founded.

Jennifer McCreath, who transitioned from a male to a female seven years ago, has started an Atlantic-wide group called the Jennifer McCreath Foundation. Her aim is to provide support, and lobby for more resources for people who are transsexual or transgender.

She is visiting P.E.I. Wednesday as a part of Pride Week, to talk about trans issues, and look for people to join her group.

"My goal is to reach out and find trans people," said McCreath.

"Create an avenue where trans people can feel comfortable: one, about putting their hand up and saying, 'Hi, I'm here, I exist;' and two, I recognize that the system needs to be changed and I want to be part of that change."

McCreath hopes to get some Islanders to join her group. She's meeting with people in Summerside and Charlottetown. Next month she will travel to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.