Some of the heavy machinery being used for the Trans-Canada Highway realignment project west of Charlottetown has been hit by vandalism.

The equipment, mostly trucks owned by sub-contractor Island Coastal, is parked off the side of the road near the construction site in Bonshaw.


The owner of the trucks said that seven were damaged. (CBC)

Company owner Blair MacLauchlan said one of his officials was on the site on Monday and noticed what looked to be bullet holes through the windows of seven pieces of machinery. The RCMP was called in to investigate. MacLaughlin said the damage looked like it was the result of a drive-by shooting.

The project, known as Plan B, has been the subject of protests from people who believe it is unnecessary and harmful to the environment. MacLaughlin does not believe the Plan B protesters are to blame. He said they are not the kind of people who would vandalize property.

One of the protesters, Roy Johnstone, said they knew nothing about the damage, adding they do not support acts of vandalism and do not encourage others to take part in damaging private or personal property.

MacLauchlan said there is likely about $3,500 worth of damage.