The bumpy ride over the new section of Trans-Canada Highway west of Charlottetown will smooth out as the weather improves, says Transportation Minister Robert Vessey.

Robert Vessey -custom

Bumps from heaving on the Trans Canada Highway west of Charlottetown was expected, says Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Robert Vessey. (CBC)

Vessey acknowledged there was some pretty drastic heaving on the highway over the winter, but that wasn't a surprise.

"We expected there'd be movement in the road," he said.

"The subgrade material that went down late last fall had not dried out, and the frost came early, as we know, and hard, and created a lot of heaving, as it did on a lot of roads in our province."

Vessey said there will be a seal coat laid down on the asphalt sometime in the last half of June, and the bumps should settle out over the summer.

The work won't cost the province any extra money, as it was covered in the original tender.