Bubbles, Julian and Ricky will be sharing the hosting duties when the East Coast Music Awards are handed out in Charlottetown in a couple of months.

The cast of the popular Trailer Park Boys show were named as hosts during a Wednesday news conference in the Island capital.

Actors John Paul Tremblay (Julian), Robb Wells (Ricky) and Mike Smith (Bubbles) have joined the pantheon of Canadian comedy, winning a 2005 Gemini Award for best ensemble performance in a comedy series, and a 2004 Gemini for best comedy series. In 2003, Smith won the Gemini viewers' choice award for favourite comedian.

Reached shortly after the announcement, the boys said they were a natural choice for the awards because of their close ties with the Canadian music industry.

The boys from Sunnyvale Trailer Park, who almost always stay in character when making appearances, have been associated with some of Canada's favourite rockers. They were in the Tragically Hip video for The Darkest One and toured with Our Lady Peace. Smith also jammed with Rush and members of the Barenaked Ladies at the Canada for Asia concert.

Past episodes of Trailer Park Boys have seen the trio kidnap Alex Lifeson of Rush, and in another episode order Rita MacNeil to help them harvest pot plants.

"We've partied with a lot of bands and stuff across Canada and we get along with them great. People in bands party just as hard as we do maybe that had something to do with it," said Julian.

" I want everybody there, even if you're just learning how to play the guitar,come on over," said Ricky.

"Well, Rick," reminded Julian, "you can't get too carried away here, bud. It would be nice to have everyone, but how long is this show going to be?"

Organizers said the show decided to extend the weekend by 24 hours, holding the award ceremony on a Monday night.

"We're looking at making the jam longer, five days instead of four, you have four days of showcases," explained Campbell Webster of the organizing committee.

The East Coast Music Association also feels that it can draw a larger audience with a Monday night TV show.

Bubbles, Ricky and Julian said they'll be working to clean up their legendary filthy language by February. The trio said they'll try not to curse during the nationally televised show.

Tickets for the award show go on sale Monday, Dec. 12.