Charlottetown and the P.E.I. government have just released a traffic study of a busy section of highway in the eastern end of the city.

The study was triggered by a number of proposals for new developments along a section of St. Peters Road on the outskirts of the city, specifically from the perimeter highway to Route 25 in Marshfield. Provincial officials say there could be up to 1,000 new parcels of land developed in that area over the next decade.

Rob Lantz, chair the city's planning and heritage committee, said the new developments had to wait for the traffic study.

"Traffic issues were some of the biggest concerns with residents, so we sort of put that whole process on hold until the province had an opportunity to complete the traffic study," said Lantz.

"Ultimately it is going to be the decision of the province how they want to control access on to that provincial highway."

St Peters Road, in the northeast of the Charlottetown, is one of just six entrances into the city.

Most of the recommendations involve improvements at several key intersections, things like turning lanes, traffic lights and roundabouts. A public meeting on the recommendations is being held Monday night.