A fledgling political party on P.E.I. is proposing a trade arrangement with Cuba that would see doctors come to Canada in exchange for potatoes.


Jason MacGregor says his trade plan would help farmers as well. (Courtesy of Jason MacGregor)

Jason MacGregor, 23, is the candidate for the Island Party in Souris-Elmira, where a shortage of doctors shut down the emergency department in the local hospital in 2006. This week, he presented the Island Party's plan for fixing that problem.

"Our idea is to put in place a trade agreement between Cuba and P.E.I., where we'll send them so many potatoes in exchange for enough doctors to reopen our ER in Souris," said MacGregor.

MacGregor believes the plan is a perfect fit for problems in both Cuba and P.E.I. Cuba has a potato shortage but a strong medical system, while P.E.I. needs doctors and has plenty of potatoes.

MacGregor said Cuba already has similar agreements in place for other resources. The country has sent Cuban doctors and nurses to Venezuela in exchange for oil.

The plan would also help farmers, said MacGregor, providing a new outlet for surplus potatoes and strengthening the market overall.