Tara Tierney

Tara Tierney became a welder after taking part in the Trade HERizons program. (Laura Chapin/CBC)

The Women's Network P.E.I. executive director Sara Roach-Lewis says she is hoping more women will sign up for a program that will introduce them to skilled trades. 

Trade HERizons is a 12 week program that gives women an opportunity to see what a career in carpentry, welding and plumbing would be like. 

Roach-Lewis, who also manages the program says while there is more interest from women to enter the trades, there is still room to grow. 

"Since Trade HERizons started, the number of women entering trades programs at Holland College has doubled, but we're still talking about relatively small numbers...straight across the country women in skilled trades really only represent about five per cent of the workforce," said Roach-Lewis. 

Tara Tierny is one of the women who found the trade she wanted to work in through the program. 

"Trade HERizons definitely let me explore all those trades and get a feel for where I might want to go in my next direction." 

Tierny chose to follow her father's footsteps and become a welder. She now has a full-time job in that trade. 

There are still eight spots open for the Trade HERizons program starting in January.