Stratford and Cornwall can now issue tickets to residents who make too much noise or have an unsightly property.

David Dunphy

Previously bylaw violations required a lengthy court process, says Stratford Mayor David Dunphy. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

This spring, the Charlottetown Area Municipalities Act was changed to allow the two towns under that act to issue tickets. Charlottetown, as a city, already had that authority.

Stratford Mayor David Dunphy said before the change the town's bylaw enforcement officer had to recommend a charge and launch a lengthy court process.

"We've got so many different issues that we're dealing with, in terms of, say pools, or noise bylaws," said Dunphy.

"So now we employ a bylaw enforcement officer. That bylaw enforcement officer can just merely, when she goes to a house, a property, she can actually lay a charge similar to the RCMP laying a speeding offence."

Dunphy says Stratford will issue tickets for animal control, noise complaints and unsightly or dangerous properties.

The Town of Cornwall is still sorting out the details so it can issue tickets, including whether it will hire a bylaw enforcement officer.