The Town of Souris hopes more of its residents will get their high school diploma as a way to find entry into full-time jobs.


The Town of Souris held a meeting for residents on finding full-time employment. (CBC)

The town is still feeling the fallout after the loss of hundreds of jobs after the Ocean Choice Fish Processing Plant closed in April of 2011.

And now with changes to the Employment Insurance programs set to come into effect next year, uncertainty looms for those who rely on the benefits over the winter months.

The town put on a meeting Thursday night to give locals some advice on ultimately finding permanent work.

Coun. Thelma MacDonald said they'd like to see people go back to school.

"Before you can get much training, most times you need to have your Grade 12. So getting that would be a good start if you can do that in the winter months and then move on in the spring to something better," said MacDonald.


Souris Coun. Thelma MacDonald says many residents have been going from one part-time job to another since the fish plant closed in 2011. (CBC)

Since the fish plant's closure, many workers have bounced between part-time jobs, MacDonald said.

"With unemployment so uncertain now, we're not sure of how many stamps you need, all that stuff is coming into play right now."

Holland College offers adults the chance to get their Grade 12.

Educator Susan Cheverie hopes that will eventually lead to jobs in trades close to home.

"We just want to keep people here. And start with full-time work. Possibly get some economic development in the area," Cheverie said.