Residents of the Town of Kensington are being asked to adopt a fire hydrant during the winter months and keep it clear of snow.

Fire hydrants

The Town of Kensington is asking residents to help keep fire hydrants like this one clear of snow this winter. (CBC)

Chief administrative officer Geoff Baker says it is a way for residents to help the town and the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department.

Baker says it is difficult for town staff to clear snow from all fire hydrants in a timely manner.

"In an emergency situation, you know it can take an extra 10 minutes to clear the hydrant prior to it being used, so it can save precious time in an emergency situation for sure," said Baker.

The adoption is a on a volunteer basis. Those who adopt the hydrant are asked to remove the snow about two feet around the base and keep access from the road clear.

Baker said volunteers aren't under any legal obligation to do the clearing.

"It's a way for residents to assume some responsibility and to help the volunteer fire department," he said.

Residents can fill out an application to adopt a particular hydrant. If the hydrant can't be kept clear, the adopter is asked to contact town staff immediately.

Adopt a hydrant

The Town of Kensington is asking residents to adopt fire hydrants and keep them clear of snow this winter. (Town of Kensington)