Tourism Summerside requests levy increase

Tourism Summerside has made a formal request to increase the tourism accomodation levy from two to three per cent.

Increase will be used to drum up more convention business

Tourism Summerside has made a formal request to city council to increase the tourism accommodation levy to three per cent.

The one per cent increase would go towards funding for Meetings and Conventions P.E.I. The extra funds would in turn be expected to help drum up more convention business for the city.

"We are trying to drive the tourism industry in Summerside and this is an opportunity with the new Meetings and Conventions P.E.I. and their new strategic plan," said Duke Cormier, president of Tourism Summerside. "To spread the meetings and conventions business and work hard to create meetings, conventions and events across P.E.I."

Cormier hopes the new increase to the levy will be approved by council and put into effect by January. The city started imposing the levy in 2008.

At least one motel operator in Summerside has expressed concerns about the increase.