As many as 1,000 people on P.E.I. Tourism Minister Rob Henderson's contact list received a fraudulent request for help from his personal email account Tuesday.


Henderson does not believe anyone was taken in by the email scam. (CBC)

Henderson said his Yahoo account was hacked, and an email claiming to be from him went out asking for a $2,000 loan to get him out of the Philippines. The email included a signature with Henderson's name, his district, and phone and cell numbers which were the right numbers but in a different order.

Henderson doesn't believe anyone was taken in.

"I sure hope not, and you know I certainly apologize to anybody out there that would have been inconvenienced by this," he said.

"I think most people would find it pretty obvious when they read the email that that wouldn't be something that I would send out."

Henderson said his government email account wasn't affected, only his personal Yahoo account. IT workers with the province have taken Henderson's office computer to check it for malware.

RCMP warn Islanders never to respond to email solicitations for money without first confirming the request with the source.