PC Leader Olive Crane said she will introduce a catastrophic drug program if elected. (CBC)

Progressive Conservative Leader Olive Crane says if she becomes P.E.I. premier, she'll introduce a catastrophic drug program that would help more than 35,000 Islanders who do not currently have drug coverage.

Crane took her podium and PC banners to a Crapaud pharmacy Friday to announce another plank in her election platform.

She said, if elected, a Conservative government would immediately introduce a castastrophic drug program for all Islanders.

"This program will be income-based and ensure that no one has to pay more than they can afford," said Crane. "Much of the cost of our new program will be found within the current system and new investment will be in the range of $3 million."

On Thursday, the P.E.I. Health Charities Network called for a catastrophic drug program to cover all Islanders, saying people should not have to pay more than three per cent of their net income on drug.

Liberal Leader Robert Ghiz said the province couldn't afford that kind of drug coverage without federal help.

But Crane said eight other provinces have universal drug plans in place and that P.E.I. should too.

She said there are now 27 drug programs within government that offer assistance. They cost about $25 million a year. Crane said she would combine all those programs and add the $3 million, so that combined, it would cover Islanders without any drug coverage.

Crane said she's unclear about how the drug plan would  be tied to family income and those details will be worked out after the election.