Progressive Conservative leader Olive Crane courted the youth vote Tuesday during a news conference in Summerside.

Crane is promising a post-secondary education incentive for Island students, but the announcement was short on details.

Crane thinks she's found a way to keep young Islanders on P.E.I. If new graduates agree to work in the province for two years after graduation from an Island college or university, the government would give them $2,500. Promise to stay four years and the province would write you a cheque for $5,000.

How much will this commitment cost taxpayers?

"Well, that announcement, because it's so individual, we don't have an actual figure on it ... but again, for me it's an investment in the future of our population and an investment in the future of our students," said Crane.

She said she's trying to help students with their debt while in school.

If the grad was unable to find work in the province after graduation, Crane said that would be looked at on a case by case basis.   "We have confidence ... we really think that there will be many areas that we expect a lot of job openings in the future," said Crane.

Crane added that if the Island graduate were to leave P.E.I. before their commitment was up, government would come after the student for the money. She wouldn't say what measures would be used to try to do that.