A couple and their dog escaped injury Thursday afternoon after a kerosene heater, which was accidentally knocked over, caused a fire in their mobile home in Southwest Lot 16 says Jason Woodbury, chief of the Miscouche Fire Department.

Poor road conditions from this week's storm made it hard for firefighters to get to the scene, but they eventually did after about an hour with help from plows.

The area was also without power due to the storm.

"The fire at that time was in between the ceiling and the attic of the mobile home," said Woodbury.

"Firefighting efforts were extremely difficult because of the wind and also obtaining water source from our fill site. After a couple of hours we were able to contain the fire and extinguish it. The cause of the fire was determined to be a kerosene heater that was accidentally knocked over by the homeowner."

There is extensive damage to the mobile home, which was insured, said Woodbury.

The Red Cross has been helping the couple.