Prince Edward Island is getting more than its share of federal job cuts, says the Federation of P.E.I. Municipalities.


P.E.I. can't afford to lose the people who held federal jobs that have been cut, says municipalities federation president Bruce MacDougall. (CBC)

This week, 50 employees from addictions research and from EI claims processing got notice they'll soon be out of a job. This is on top of hundreds of job losses already announced at Veterans Affairs Canada.

"If you take say 50 jobs out, that means you're taking a lot of people that are probably going to have to move away," says federation president Bruce MacDougall.

"Those are good-paying jobs, and smart people are being lost to our province, you know, and these are also people that volunteer and make a difference in communities. We can't afford to lose that stuff."

MacDougall is asking every municipality in the province to adopt a resolution asking Ottawa to reconsider the cuts. He hopes government will listen if all municipalities join together.