Charlottetown has renewed a rebate program for residents to convert their existing toilets to environmentally-friendly, low-flow models.

'We're short of water.'— Coun. Eddie Rice

The toilet rebate program was so successful last year, with 163 toilets replaced, it will continue this year. The city has set aside $10,000 for the program. All the money budgeted for rebates last year was spent.

"The toilet program had the success it had, I think first, [because] people are genuinely interested," said Coun. Eddie Rice.

"We've got a lot of people that are ahead of us as far as being conscious of the water conservation and the whole thing. We need to have water conversation. I mean, we're short of water."

The city estimates the program has saved 4.6 million litres of water so far. The rebates range between $60 and $75, depending on the model.

Rice hopes to get more funding so the program can expand.