A restaurant in eastern P.E.I. served up a replica Thursday night of the 10-course meal served in the first-class dining room of the Titanic the night it struck an iceberg and sank.


A string quartet entertained the diners. (CBC)

A string quartet greeted the 80 guests as they entered Cardigan's Cape Light Restaurant. Kathleen Flanagan said it was as if she had stepped back in time.

"It felt like we were entering something very different," said Flanagan.

"The music is fabulous and just the whole atmosphere of being, you know, as close as we can pretend that we're on the Titanic in the first-class dining room."

The meal that included oysters, salmon, lobster, and fine wine, all prepared as it would have been on that night 100 years ago.

"A lot of alcohol in a lot of these dishes and a lot of cream and calories. Back then they cooked with a lot of butter," said Chef Maurice Vautour.


It's important to remember the Titanic, says chef Maurice Vautour. (CBC)

Tickets were $100 each, with proceeds going to the King's County Memorial Hospital equipment fund. Vautour said this event was important for another reason.

"It's sad, but we need to remember what these people went through and it is magical to see it re-created," he said.

Saturday marks the 100th anniversary of the night the Titanic hit an iceberg, sinking to the bottom of the ocean just a few hours later.