Thousands of P.E.I.-grown tulips are being featured at an international botanical garden in B.C.

P.E.I.'s Vanco Farms was approached by Butchart Gardens, a world-renowned garden near Victoria, B.C.              

The garden used 1,500 bulbs in a trial run last spring, and in the fall asked Vanco for about 9,000 bulbs – a total of nine varieties.

Most tulips are produced in the Netherlands, but Vanco sells P.E.I.-produced bulbs.              

"Typically, you know, tulip bulbs and tulips are synonymous with Holland or the Netherlands and for us to be able to say that we're growing tulips that were actually started here in Canada, it gives us a source of pride," said Rick Los, director of horticulture for Butchart Gardens.

"And we really want to support Canadian industry, so for us to  be purchasing bulbs from P.E.I., I think that's a feather in our cap and a feather in the cap of Vanco, the grower in P.E.I."

More than a million people visit the 55-acre Butchart Gardens each year. It features about a 100 varieties of tulips from across the world.

To be featured at Butchart Gardens means a lot for Vanco, says Anne Carriere, head of the company's tulip sales.

"Certainly one of the most beautiful gardens in Canada and North America," said Carriere.

"It's a leader as far as botanical gardens go. Very exciting to know that our bulbs would be growing, not only, you know, at the other end of the country, but in this very prestigious, serious amazing garden. There is no really better endorsement."