P.E.I. National Park gate

Motorists are being warned about thieves when they enter P.E.I. National Park. (CBC)

This summer has been worse than other years for thieves at work in the parking lots of P.E.I. National Park, say park officials.

Park staff they've received numerous reports of stolen items, and visitor experience manager Tara McNally MacPhee said park staff have been working with the RCMP on the problem.

"We're trying to be as proactive and give people messages before they arrive in the park," she said.

"Also, as park users are coming past the entry gates or coming into the campgrounds to check in, we are providing an information notice to everyone just indicating that there has been some smash-and-grabs or some thefts from vehicles and reminding them to take valuables from their vehicles."

McNally MacPhee said visitors should always lock their doors and report any incidents to the RCMP right away.