A man renting an apartment in Charlottetown was surprised recently when his landlord refused to give him a receipt, and even more surprised to learn there was no legal requirement for him to be provided one.

'Income support at any time could ask me to supply receipts. I couldn't do it.' — Leonard Handrahan

"I kind of looked at her I said, 'You don't give out receipts?' 'No, we don't give out receipts here,'" Leonard Handrahan told CBC News Tuesday.

Handrahan is now looking for changes to the law governing rental properties on P.E.I. to ensure he will be able to get a receipt in the future.

Handrahan has recently moved into a new apartment. He said he needs receipts because he is on income support.

"My medication is covered by income support, I'm on quite a bit of medication. Income support at any time could ask me to supply receipts. I couldn't do it," he said.

Handrahan's previous landlord told CBC News she didn't provide receipts because Handrahan didn't ask for one until he had already moved out, something he denies.

Cathy Flanagan, director of residential rental property at Island's regulatory agency, said receipts are rarely an issue, but changing the law would be a good idea for when issues do come up.

"From my own perspective, which is that of someone who adjudicates cases, it would be useful because you can get into a I-paid-you-no-I-didn't situation," said Flanagan.

The rental properties act hasn't been overhauled in about 20 years. Flanagan said changes could be made the next time that happens.

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