No fines have been laid over the new ban on teen tanning, says the P.E.I. government, but there have been a lot of warnings.

Dr. Heather Morrison -Custom

A learning process with the new youth tanning regulations was expected, says chief health officer Dr. Heather Morrison. (CBC)

In September the province brought in a ban for anyone under the age of 18. Since then environmental officers inspected every tanning bed operator on the Island. They checked for three things: a sign stating the restriction, provincial registration, and that operators were asking for IDs.

Out of 31 facilities 25 didn't pass the test, and were given a warning.

"I'm pleased this process has started and we expect some of this learning to happen," said chief public health officer Dr. Heather Morrison.

"This legislation has been put in place to try to protect the public, and especially young people, from developing or increasing their risk of developing skin cancer. I think it's important as we face one of the higher rates of melanoma in P.E.I., when you compare it to the rest of the country."

So far there have been seven follow-up inspections, and all of those passed. The rest will be done by the end of fall.

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