The P.E.I. Teachers' Federation was surprised to hear on Tuesday that the English Language School is cancelling a professional development day and rescheduling parent-teacher interviews this Friday.

Gilles Arsenault -custom

It will take some juggling to reschedule parent-teacher interviews and professional development activities on such short notice, says P.E.I. Teachers' Federation president Gilles Arsenault.

The school calendar lists this Friday as a PD day for elementary and intermediate school teachers, and also a parent-teacher interview day for high schools.

Tuesday is the fifth weather-related school-day cancellation in a row, and the 12th in total. Superintendent Cynthia Fleet expressed concern Monday about the need to make up for lost instructional time.

The announcement caught P.E.I. Teachers' Federation president Gilles Arsenault by surprise.

"It's news to me that this is going to occur and I think it will probably be a juggling act for some teachers to reschedule," said Arsenault.

"Parents had probably planned on that as well if the appointments were made. And it's a juggling act for our principals and teachers at this stage in the game as we are already Tuesday, so we are kind of surprised."

The school board said high schools will advise parents about new plans for parent-teacher interviews.