Fewer students enrolled across the Island could mean changes to which school teachers will be working in next year, warns the Prince Edward Island English Language School Board.

The final numbers aren't in yet, but officials predict about 125 fewer students are enrolled this fall. Last spring, the board estimated a 400 student drop. They were comparing students graduating to students coming into kindergarten in 2012.

Superintendent Cynthia Fleet said the numbers are down at both ends of the lsland, but up in central P.E.I., and that could mean they will have to move some teachers.

"You're not going to assign three teachers to a school, where you have six students in one grade, five in another and three in another. So, in a case like that, yes the teacher allocation would be affected," she said.

"We haven't analyzed the numbers to see if students actually move from one area to another, or if it's simply part of natural decline, and what's happening in Charlottetown, Cornwall and Stratford areas if it's an increase due to new births, or new people coming in, or are people shifting? We can't answer that yet."

Fleet said class size declines in small schools can be a big challenge and can lead to combining grades. But she emphasized any changes in teaching staff will be made at the start of the 2014 school year.

She said she expects there will be 19,500 students enrolled in P.E.I.’s English language schools this year.

In May, the board announced there will be 43 fewer teaching positions come September.