A watershed group says it is worried the realignment of the Trans-Canada Highway will cause run-off in the West River, despite reassurances by P.E.I.'s environment minister. 


The Trans-Canada Highway realignment project will create sediment run-off, says Megan Harris, West River Watershed Group coordinator. (CBC)

Janice Sherry gave the controversial project to realign a portion of the highway between New Haven and Bonshaw a stamp of approval on Monday.

She imposed 11 conditions on construction, many of which deal with sediment run-off.

The West River Watershed Group has been involved in several projects aimed at reducing sediment in the river over decades.

"Any erosion control measures are likely not going to work when you have five to seven months of bare ground. We could see some very serious erosion occurring despite any kind of measures that they put in to control that," said Megan Harris, the group's coordinator.

"There's always a risk associated whenever you have bare ground. There's a risk — you can't control the weather. We are concerned about sediment when we are spending a lot of time and money trying to take sediment out of the West River rather than having it come back in again."

The environment and transportation departments will monitor construction and stop it if there is sediment run-off into the rivers, said Sherry.