General tax forms are no longer being automatically mailed out, and Telefile has been discontinued. (CBC)

The end of Telefile and other changes at the Canada Revenue Agency are frustrating some Prince Edward Islanders, especially seniors.

The Canada Revenue Agency has discontinued its free service that allowed people with basic returns to file by entering their information using the telephone. It has also stopped automatically mailing general tax forms to people who file their taxes on paper.

That's left some Islanders frustrated. The P.E.I. Seniors Federation says it has heard from members who are unhappy with having to phone CRA to get the proper forms, or get them from a postal outlet or Service Canada office.

The seniors' group says people with more complicated returns, who need forms for rental income or have a disability for example, have to print them off the CRA website or ask to have the forms mailed to them.

In an email to CBC News, CRA says it is encouraging people to file and pay electronically. It notes in 2011 1.3 million printed packages went unused, and it costs about four times more to process a paper return than an electronic one.

At one postal outlet in Charlottetown, staff said many more people are coming to pick up the forms this year. Most visitors are seniors frustrated they didn't receive a package in the mail.

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