Target store could add 150 jobs in Charlottetown

A new retailer set to open late this fall in Charlottetown is on a hiring spree this week.

Zellers shutdown put 200 out of work

Target plans to open 124 stores across Canada throughout 2013. (The Canadian Press)

A new retailer set to open late this fall in Charlottetown is on a hiring spree,

Target is holding a job fair in the city this week.

The Minneapolis-based retailer said it needs 150 employees for its new Charlottetown store and Karen MacEachern hopes she’ll be one of them.

"Unfortunately, there's actually not a lot of full-time work out there. So 150 jobs for people, that means a lot for families today."

MacEachern is a former Zellers employee from Summerside. Target bought out more than a hundred Zellers leases across the country.

The move put close to 200 Islanders out of work between the two cities.

"It was extremely sad. There was a lot of worry. There was a lot of financial worry as to what was going to happen," MacEachern said.

Target has said all displaced Zellers employees across the country are guaranteed an interview, but not a job.

That's angered some workers and labour unions, but the executive director of Charlottetown's Chamber of Commerce says Target should be welcomed into the city.

"From my perspective, they're offering secure employment. They have very much the philosophy that this is a career that they're offering their employees. They're well recognized," said Kathy Hambly.

Many of Target's positions are minimum wage jobs, but MacEachern says given her options, she's not deterred.

"I’ve never actually been in a Target store, but I've heard nothing but fantastic things about the company.  I heard they are a great company to work for that offers a wonderful benefit package," she said.

Charlottetown's job fair will run until next Thursday at the Delta.

The store plans to open in November.