A man who brandished swords at RCMP when they responded to a family disturbance in Stratford, P.E.I. in October was sentenced Friday to three months in jail.

Sword-wielding man tasered by RCMP

Police seized these swords from Jonathan George Cantelo. (Courtesy RCMP)

The court heard 40-year-old Jonathan George Cantelo repeatedly came at police. He was subdued with a Taser. Provincial court Judge Nancy Orr said Cantelo was lucky he wasn't shot.

In Ocober RCMP were called to the home Cantelo shares with his elderly parents in Stratford. His mother had called police, saying her son was very drunk and waving a sword at them.

When RCMP arrived, they found Cantelo in the garage of the house, with a samurai-style sword in each hand. Court heard Cantelo ignored police orders to drop the weapons. Instead, he walked toward the officers with the swords in the air.

One officer drew his service revolver. The other tasered Cantelo. Court heard Cantelo pulled the taser probes from his chest and kept coming at police.

Police then wrestled him to the ground and placed him under arrest. Police also seized a third sword and three long guns at the home.

In court Friday, Crown prosecutor Jeffery MacDonald told court the swords were inexpensive, ornamental replicas. Cantelo had proper permits for the firearms.

Defence lawyer Mitchell MacLeod told court Cantelo has a long history of severe alcoholism and mental health issues.

Cantelo pleaded guilty to all charges, including an impaired driving charge prior to the sword incident. He nodded his head in agreement as Orr admonished him for his dangerous behaviour.

She said he's lucky he lives in Canada because, she said, in other countries, police would have opened fire on him.