A surveying error has created problems for volunteers trying to preserve a 137-acre green space in Charlottetown.

At the annual meeting of Upton Farm Trust this week, members learned the P.E.I. government survey short-changed the park of a strip of land 30 metres wide.

The province has agreed to return the land, but wants restrictions on how it will be used.

But volunteers, like Kirsten Connor of Upton Farms Trust Inc., fear restrictions will hinder reforestation efforts.

"Well, it is undesirable in the sense it would curtail the say over that land that the board would have," she said. "We would no longer have full control over it in the sense of what we plant and didn't plant and, of course, our mandate is to create green space."

The province said the restrictions are intended to protect scenic views for tenants at the nearby research park.

Connor said Upton Farms Trust will consult its lawyer on the matter.