Summerside's city council wants the province to help with its efforts to move 600 local Maritime Electric customers to the city's electric utility.

The households were not changed over to Summerside's utility when amalgamation took place in the mid-1990s.


Deputy Mayor Bruce MacDougall says people in the St. Eleanors area want to move from Maritime Electric to Summerside's electric utility. ((CBC))

The city has tried on its own before to convince Maritime Electric to give up the customers, but with no success.

Deputy Mayor Bruce MacDougall says he's hearing plenty of concerns about it as he goes door to door campaigning for the municipal election.

"The residents in the St. Eleanors area‚Ķeven though they're in city boundaries, they're still serviced by Maritime Electric," he said. "And the number one issue is, whenever they open the doors, 'When are you going to get us on to city power?'"  

The council passed a unanimous resolution calling on the province to set up a process that would bring the customers under the Summerside utility.

Rates at the Summerside utility and Maritime Electric are the same.