Summerside was second from the bottom on the MoneySense list. (CBC)

Summerside continues to be near the bottom of MoneySense's Best Place to Live list.

This year, the Toronto-based magazine looked at 33 factors to rank 200 Canadian cities. Only LaChute, Quebec ranked below Summerside.

"We're not trying to say a city is a bad place to live. What we're trying to say is that economically, when you look at all the statistics, based on the 33 metrics that we're looking at, it perhaps has some difficulties or has some area of improvement," said MoneySense features editor Romana King.

Mayor Basil Stewart said the magazine should be called "NonSense". He complained the ranking is fundamentally flawed, using many criteria municipalities have no control over.

Criteria included some factors municipalities do have some control over, such as property taxes, but others it clearly doesn't, such as weather.

King said a low ranking in one particular municipal service really hurt Summerside.

"The number of people that take transit, it's almost the bottom of the pile, and that makes it difficult," she said.

"There are people out there who they do measure the quality of a city or even of a town based on just accessibility."

Charlottetown ranked just above the middle of the list, at 95.

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