Coyote sighting

Rotary Park in Summerside was closed Thursday after a coyote sighting.

A coyote has been spotted in Rotary Park in Summerside, prompting the city to close off the area.

Officials are trying to capture the animal, and say they will reopen the park once the coyote has been corralled and taken away.

The park is one of the most used green spaces in the Summerside area, and is popular with walkers, hikers and cyclists.

A news release from the city says coyotes normally stay away from humans. But officials do offer advice if one gets aggressive:

  • Don’t run away
  • Raise your arms, act aggressively, yell, rattle something loud and throw things at the animal
  • Keep eye contact
  • Pick up small pets and children
  • Move to another area with more activity.

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