Summerside police officers attend Moncton RCMP funeral

More than half of the Summerside police department attended the march and funeral Tuesday in Moncton for three fallen RCMP officers.

Chief Dave Poirier says hotel manager refused payment for rooms

Summerside Police Chief Dave Poirier says more of his officers wanted to attend the RCMP funeral in Moncton, but some had to stay behind to work. ((CBC))

More than half of the Summerside police department attended the march and funeral Tuesday in Moncton for three fallen RCMP officers.

More officers wanted to come but police chief Dave Poirier said the force only has 33 members and some had to stay behind to work.

Poirier said as a chief who sent officers to help with the manhunt last week, the funeral was a particularly emotional experience.

"I sent three members over when the incident in Moncton was happening," said Poirier. "

"It's always in the back of your mind,  are you putting them in harm's way? But these officers are well trained. But so were the officers that were killed as well.

"When you saw some RCMP members carrying babies and young children, that was hard. The second part is when the canine unit was brought in. That dog knew, or almost knew, that the master, his master, was inside the casket. That was difficult." 

Poirier said the support officers received from the public was amazing. He said many people in Moncton were wearing red and clapping as the officers marched by. 

He noted he booked a couple of hotel rooms in the city so his 19 officers could get changed, and the hotel manager refused payment.  


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