Summerside parks plan worries residents

The City of Summerside is redrawing its plans for community parks and some residents are concerned over what that could mean for local green spaces.

City considering making large green spaces bigger

The City of Summerside is redrawing its plans for community parks and some residents are concerned over what that could mean for local green spaces.

The city is drawing up a draft for a new official plan for parks. It said there are too many small parks and the new plan would focus instead on making the city's largest green spaces even bigger.

But residents expressed concern about the plan at a council meeting Tuesday night.

Some, like Sandra MacEwen, worry they might end up losing parks close to home.

"The residents in our area would be forced to cross busy streets to access any other facility that might be available. More than likely, it would mean packing the family in the car, and driving to another part of town."

That isn't likely to happen, said Coun. Cory Thomas, chair of Summerside's planning board.

The city may just identify which parks are popular with families or seniors and then redesign them.

"I don't see this as taking parks away, I see it as enhancing and consulting with the residents, so that they're getting their needs and their wants in their areas," said Thomas.

Meanwhile, some councillors said the plan should also outline a possible extension of the city's popular boardwalk.

The city said it's still accepting feedback from citizens and hopes to pass the plan early in the new year.