Summerside offers high-tech home incentives

New home buyers and builders will be offered incentives to call Summerside home.

Smart meters, electric thermal heating systems, speedy internet some of perks of developing in city

The City of Summerside is offering new home buyers and builders a number of incentives to boost development. 1:25

New home buyers and builders will be offered incentives to call Summerside home.

The city has just revealed a list of incentives such as smart meters to save on electricity, rebates on electric thermal heating systems and extra-fast internet connections in new homes built in new subdivisions.  

Robert Duffy of D&D Developments, says it's a much needed boost.  

He is developing 60 new lots, close to Summerside's downtown.

"Subdivision construction has been quiet over the last 10 years and, as you know, it takes a lot of money," said Duffy.

"When my co-developer and I decided to do this, it was a big initiative, a lot of money to be spent. And then you're waiting for people to buy your lots. So high-speed internet and the rebate on their energy system, everything is a great help."

No one from the city was available to comment on the plan. The mayor said in a news release that he hopes these new high-tech initiatives will attract new residents to the city that's home to close to 15,000 residents.

Duffy says his 60 lots could bring millions of dollars into the city's economy.

"They need tax base and they need new growth. And it's great to build all this infrastructure, but if your population is declining, the people that are in the city have to pick up the slack."

Duffy says construction activity is low in general and he needs to keep his workers busy, or they'll leave P.E.I. to find other work.

He hopes the incentives will kickstart the industry.

People considering a move to a new home in Summerside should contact their developer to find out if they're eligible for some of the new incentives.


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