Summerside may get pro-basketball team

P.E.I.'s pro basketball team will likely play in Summerside, not Charlottetown, according to the owner of the Halifax Rainmen.

P.E.I.'s pro basketball team will play in Summerside, not Charlottetown, if the League approves the franchise. 

The owner of the Halifax Rainmen — Andre Levingston — said the P.E.I. owners of the National Basketball League of Canada team weren't able to sink the deal they were shooting for with the Charlottetown Civic Centre.

"I know they were excited about the possibility of half the games being played in Summerside and the other half being played in Charlottetown, so they can engage the entire Island. But I guess the negotiations with Charlottetown came to a halt and they couldn't reach an agreement," Levingston said Wednesday.

"Summerside welcomed them with open arms, and so they're just finalizing their deal there."

The Saint John Mill Rats, Halifax Rainmen and Quebec Kebs left the Premier Basketball League in April after complaints of unfair officiating and poor management.

Levingston expects the Island owners to submit a finalized lease agreement with Credit Union Place to the league in the next week or so.

He doesn't think Summerside's smaller population will hurt the P.E.I. team.

CBC News requested  an interview with Duncan Shaw, one of the P.E.I. owners, but he says he's not ready to announce anything yet.

Before it's a done deal, the owners still need to get the signed lease agreement to the League.