Coun. Jim Steele and Bobby Dunn look over the strategic plan for Summerside's community services. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

The City of Summerside expects to lose $1.8 million on Credit Union Place this year, but a new strategic plan could help reduce those losses in the future.

The plan, prepared by dmA Planning and Management Services in Nova Scotia, takes a comprehensive look at the P.E.I. city's community services department, including the management of Credit Union Place. The five-year plan for recreation gives the city some suggestions on how to shave those losses.

"Every community right across our nation has pools and arenas and they have a cost-recovery point that they've established," said community services director Bobby Dunn.

"They're not here to make a profit, but we're here now to address what is financially sustainable, long term."

Recommendations for Credit Union Place include expanding the use of the facility during off-peak hours and doing a better job attracting corporate sponsors.

Coun. Jim Steele, chair of the city's community services and recreation committee, said in its efforts to save money at the facility, it's important to keep focus on how good Credit Union Place is for the city.

"That's what it's all about, is providing recreation and a healthy atmosphere for all of our citizens," said Steele.

"It's all community minded and that's our direction."

Steele said many of the recommendations, those without price tags, will be implemented immediately. The others will have to wait until March when the city's new budget will be passed.

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Summerside Community Service Strategic Plan Executive Summary

Summerside Community Services Strategic Plan